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27th Aug 2016

Brendan Rodgers’ assessment of Bastian Schweinsteiger is pretty harsh but probably true

Did he need to be so harsh?

Robert Redmond

Bastian Schweinsteiger won’t be joining Celtic anyway.

The Manchester United midfielder, who has been ostracised by Jose Mourinho and told to find another club, has experienced a considerable fall from grace in the past two years.

Since winning the World Cup, the former Germany captain has suffered numerous injuries, was shipped out of Bayern Munich, struggled at United and has now been deemed unfit for the top flight of Scottish football.

Brendan Rodgers may not have intended to disparage Schweinsteiger’s fading ability when asked if Celtic were interested in signing the 32-year-old. However, his comments suggest he considers the German to lack the physical attributes required to play a high-pressing game.

The former German captain may have ruled out a move to any European clubs, but it seems that he wouldn’t be welcome at Celtic Park even if he wanted to go.

“I don’t need a marquee signing that can’t run,” Rodgers told The Glasgow Evening Times.

“It doesn’t have to be a marquee signing. I think we have brought in some really top talents who have come in and excited the supporters.

“I can get you a marquee signing but they’ve got to be able to press and they’ve got to be able to run.

“For me it’s never been about the name. But of course if the name is big and he can play, then great, but for me it’s about having the right profile of player who can come in.”

Schweinsteiger’s diminishing physical attributes were cited as the reason why Mourinho sees no place for him in the United squad.

While Rodgers probably didn’t need to rub salt in Schweinsteiger’s wounds, if he wants to sign an energetic midfielder, the German probably doesn’t fit the bill.

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