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24th Jun 2024

Body language expert says Gareth Southgate is showing ‘defeatist’ demeanour at Euro 2024

Zoe Hodges

‘His body language didn’t illustrate any real pride’

A body language expert working in conjunction with Jackpotjoy has given a damning assessment of Gareth Southgate’s demeanour in post-match interviews and press conferences.

England currently sit top of Group C on four points having beaten Serbia 1-0 in their opening game and drawing with Denmark last week but heavy criticism has been directed towards the tournament favourites due to their unconvincing performances.

Now, body language guru Judi James has analysed Southgate’s demeanour labelling his attitude as ‘defeatist’ saying he ‘lacked possession of a concrete plan’.

Following England’s draw against Denmark last week, Judi James said: “Southgate’s body language lacked any signs of solid conviction. His haunted eye expression was aimed down to his left but turned up at the interviewer with the ‘experiment’ phrase with a rising inflection in his vocal tone even turning that statement into a question. It came with a micro mouth-wince of pain before the haunted eyes fell downward again.

“Telling the fans that ‘We don’t have a natural replacement for Kalvin Phillips’ Southgate’s facial squirming and head wobble showed utter discomfort and hinted at defeatism, as though that one fact put the power out of his hands. The eye-stutter can be prompted by a burst of adrenaline but it can also suggest a desire to hide, especially to hide the eyes, which are the most revealing part of the body in terms of feelings and emotions.”

James continued: “There were no points where Southgate suggested any future confidence or possession of a concrete plan. His body language didn’t illustrate any real pride in his players, either. He looked gloomy when talking about Kane and a little evasive about Trent Alexander-Arnold.”

The comments come after it was revealed by David Ornstein that Alexander-Arnold has been dropped for Tuesday’s game against Slovenia.

“When he later spoke about the ‘profile of the players we’ve got’ there were no behaviours to suggest confidence in their ability and talent, just a wince that suggested he thought they should be doing better.”

It’s not all doom and gloom

However, the mood inside the England camp is said to be much brighter than James paints it. Over the last few days Declan Rice, Jordan Pickford and Harry Kane have all spoken out about the pressure on the squad, highlighting the fact that they have not lost a game and are in control of their own destiny.

Southgate’s side could secure qualification tonight without even kicking a ball should Albania lose to Spain. England will still be keen to top their group however to avoid facing tournament hosts Germany on Saturday.