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12th Nov 2015

Betting company in trouble over a picture of Memphis Depay

Oh dear...

Ben Kenyon

Memphis Depay – he hasn’t exactly set the footballing world alight since he joined Manchester United.

He’s gained a few pounds too. Although to be fair to the bench-warming Dutch international he’s sold a ridiculous amount of United shirts.

And he’s only 21, so there’s plenty of time for him to mature into the world-beating player his nascent potential hints at.

Wait a minute, he’s only 21? Sh*t! Why did nobody tell Ladbrokes?


It seems like the betting firm has got into a spot of bother over Manchester United’s young winger.

Well, using a picture of the £25m star on some marketing material, to be precise.

According to the Manchester Evening News, Ladbrokes have been rapped over using Depay’s image on an advert emailed out to punters.

What’s the harm you might think? Well the betting industry code states that gambling companies can’t use the image of anyone under the age of 25 in their marketing. This is in order to protect young people.

The error was spotted by an eagle-eyed reader who reported it to the Advertising Standards Authority.

The ASA said the advert was ‘irresponsible’ and ruled the image must not be used in that manner again.

Ladbrokes reportedly acknowledged that this use of the image was unacceptable and had spoken to their marketing team about terms of the advertising code.