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15th Aug 2015

Beckham’s first goalshot in the big time was real nice

Soccer Guy

August 15, 2007 was one of the biggest days in the history of soccer.

Back then, David Beckham was tryin real hard to handle the pace of the MLS.

A humongous step up for the English guy after his move from Real Salt Lake’s Spanish franchise in Madrid, things were pretty tough going in his new LA Galaxy soccer uniform.

But, in a game against DC United, all his dreams came true.

After being awarded a felony kick against DC United, ‘Goalshot-balls’ decided it was time to turn the awesome up. Up he stepped, unleashing a right cleat sidewinder right into the soccer goal interior, leaving the goaltender looking like a dumb-ass baby that just had its blankey thrown in the trash.

After years in the soccer wilderness, David Beckham had arrived in the big time.