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18th Oct 2017

Barry from Eastenders is trying to slide into Joey Barton’s DMs and the replies are great

Paul Moore

The replies are fantastic.

In Extras, Shaun Williamson’s brilliant spoof of his post-EastEnders career was absolutely hilarious.

To his immense credit, Williamson was happy to be the butt of jokes about his own rapidly diminishing celebrity status and throughout the series, he gave us plenty of laughs.

Who doesn’t love that moment when he’s talking to Ricky Gervais about leaving with his dignity…then all of those sandwiches, sweets, and biscuits fall out of his pocket?

How about his amazing version of Mustang Sally, or that famous muffin?

Lots of people have plenty of love for Barry, sorry, Williamson and since the show ended, the actor has been busy with roles in The Bill, Life’s Too Short, Sexy Murder and others.

Well, it appears that the actor is looking for a few footballers for his next project because he’s touched base with Joey Barton and former Newcastle United midfielder Rob Lee on Twitter.

After seeing this tweet, plenty of Extras fans were quick to remind him of his finest moments.

Naturally, people were quick to help Barton and Williamson get together.

Barton’s response is fantastic.

We’re intrigued.