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24th Jul 2018

Barcelona women fly economy to US tour while men get business class

The women joined the men's team for the pre-season tour of America but were made to fly in economy class while the men flew in business

Reuben Pinder

Doesn’t seem fair

FC Barcelona took flight to Portland today for their pre-season tour. But the organisation of their flight came under severe criticism when it became clear that the women’s team – who are travelling on the same tour – were sat in economy class, while the men’s team flew business class.

As documented by Twitter account @BarcaWomen, there was a photo taken of players from both teams before they separated before take off.

Most of the Barcelona squad travelling on the tour are back-up and members of the Barça B squad, due to the fact that most of the first team are still being given time off after the World Cup. The women’s team on the tour, on the other hand, comprises a full strength first team squad, but the men were still given preferential treatment.

There is clearly still a long way to go in addressing the inherent inequalities between men’s and women’s football.

Regardless of each team’s commercial draw, both are representing the same badge and should of course be given the same treatment by their club, all the way down to which class they fly in.