One Manchester United player came in for particular criticism for PSG's equaliser 3 years ago

One Manchester United player came in for particular criticism for PSG's equaliser

Fans knew a turnaround was unlikely, but to concede a goal like that was difficult

Manchester United were 2-0 down coming into their Champions League second round second leg tie against Paris Saint-Germain, and few if any supporters believed that a comeback was truly likely.


PSG are a confident team, and were the first to outclass Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side as well as the only one to beat them in his short time at the club, and as a result fans weren't expecting too much.

As such there was a bit of shock when the away side sparked some life into the tie within two minutes, after Romelu Lukaku capitalised on a lazy back pass to round Gianluigi Buffon and slot the ball into the net.


Unfortunately for the away side - in the first half at least - Solskjaer's team were unable to build on that early goal, with their shape and cohesion seemingly deserting them afterwards.

That desertion was evident prior to the 15th minute of the game, as PSG levelled the match and extended their lead in the tie to the original two goal deficit.

That goal, as well as the play afterwards, made it clear that the home side were attempting to exploit United's right side, which featured Eric Bailly (a centre-back) in 4-4-2, and Ashley Young when it switched to 3-5-2.


For context, Bailly had not only kept Mbappe (the assister) onside, but also failed to pick up Bernat (the scorer) behind him.

After the goal, United fans were quick to direct their ire at one player in particular, and you won't be surprised to hear that it was none other than Eric Bailly.

To make matters worse, the centre-back was substituted with 10 minutes to go in the first half. To be fair, he looked injured, rather than tactical, but still - not a great night.