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11th Apr 2023

Assistant referee involved in ‘elbow incident’ breaks silence

Callum Boyle

Constantine Hatzidakis has been accused of elbowing Andy Robertson

The linesman accused of elbowing Andy Robertson during Liverpool’s game against Arsenal has broken his silence.

Constantine Hatzidakis was one of the officials working in the 2-2 draw at Anfield on Sunday, which was marred by controversy at half time.

Footage from the Sky Sports cameras appeared to show Hatzidakis’ arm move towards the direction of Robertson, however it is unknown if this was on purpose or in response to the full back trying to grab his arm.

A statement from the PGMOL during the second half of the game in which they confirmed that they would “review the matter in full” after the game had finished.

They confirmed the following day (Monday) that the linesman would not be involved in any of this weekend’s Premier League fixtures.

Now, the Daily Mail have reported that Hatzidakis has broken his silence on the incident.

Speaking outside of his London home, he said: “Whatever happens, happens. There is nothing more I can say at the moment. I can’t talk about what happened.”

Martin Cassidy, the head of referee charity: Ref Support UK, defended his compatriot and believes that Hatzidakis has been punished enough.

“It has been blown a little bit out of proportion,” he told BBC Sport.

“We should never advocate violence or match officials hitting anyone but it genuinely looks like Andy Robertson grabs him and Con pushes him to get off.

“They haven’t suspended Andy Robertson. It is a little bit of an overreaction.”

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