Ashley Cole puts fan in his place after being mocked for infamous Arsenal contract dispute 9 months ago

Ashley Cole puts fan in his place after being mocked for infamous Arsenal contract dispute

Ashley Cole is nothing if not supremely confident.

The legendary English left-back is currently plying his trade for the LA Galaxy in MLS, the league which is often viewed as a lucrative final step down for professionals looking for one last payday before they hang up their boots.

Cole signed for the Galaxy last January after a relatively forgettable spell with Roma but he will forever be associated with two clubs - Chelsea and Arsenal.

The full-back memorably moved to Stamford Bridge in 2006 after turning his nose up to a contract offer from the Gunners.

Cole infamously said he was left "trembling with anger" after being offered a final contract offer of £55,000 a week by Arsenal before he accepted Chelsea's significantly better £90,000 weekly wage offer.

The incident left a sour taste in the mouths of Arsenal fans, for whom a more disliked figure doesn't exist, and Cole recently kept the feud going by revealing that he still laughs at the recent struggles of the Gunners.

Cole defends his choice to move to Chelsea to this day and he did so again this week when he brutally dealt with a Twitter troll who criticised the 36-year-old for turning down £55,000 a week.


After pulling absolutely no punches in his reply, Cole expressed a frustration with the lack of originality he'd been getting from trolls.

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