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13th Nov 2015

AS Roma callously crop poor Ashley Cole out of injury update photo


Ben Kiely

Ashley Cole just received one hell of a slap in the face from AS Roma on Twitter.

The Serie A outfit posted a photo of Mohamed Salah recovering from injury to their hordes of followers and if you look very closely, you might notice the elbow of one Ashley Cole in the image.

The photo is clearly a selfie taken by Salah and on first inspection, it looks like Cole’s elbow just happened to have a very forgettable cameo appearance. However, it turns out that is not the case at all.

When you look at Salah’s Twitter account, you realise that he was the one who put up the photo first. It’s as clear as day that the original, uncensored snap features Ashley Cole (not just part of his elbow) in the background.

It looks an awful lot like the club downloaded Salah’s photo, cropped Cole out and re-uploaded it to their own account.

Mo Salah