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08th May 2019

Arsene Wenger predicted Liverpool comeback before first leg

Wayne Farry


Wenger has learned a thing or two in his time

Anfield is a tough place to go during a European night, something Barcelona learned the hard way on Tuesday night during their devastating 4-0 loss to Liverpool in the second leg of their Champions League semi-final.

While Barca only seemed to realise the danger of taking Anfield and Liverpool for granted about halfway through the second half, they could’ve done with listening to Arsene Wenger last week.

Ahead of the game at the Camp Nou – which Barca won 3-0 – the Frenchman warned that the Catalans could not afford to take the Merseyside team for granted.

“Liverpool is strong where Barcelona is weak, for me. Because if you don’t score goals against Barcelona you’re guilty,” said Wenger on beIN Sports coverage ahead of the first leg match between the two sides.

“But Barcelona can score as well. That’s what we have to see tonight.

“Liverpool has another asset that comes out, because let’s not forget that Liverpool did not win the Championship for 30 years, but in Europe they do well. Why? Anfield.

“A home game. This is the most heated stadium in Europe. In the return leg, it’s the only place you don’t want to go is to Anfield.

“Because the atmosphere and everything is special there. So I am keen to see what they do tonight.”