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13th Dec 2016

Arsenal have developed a crafty way of making even more money from used shirts

We've not seen this one done before...

Simon Lloyd

Premier League football is a big money business. It’s hardly a secret.

From rising ticket prices to unveiling lucrative global partnership deals, clubs in England’s top flight are becoming more and more adept at bringing in fat stacks of cash.

We were reminded of this again on Tuesday, when Arsenal showed off their latest merchandise idea, which can be seen in the tweet below.

Just incase it’s not clear from the video, Arsenal have taken a match-worn Nwankwo Kanu shirt (from the Arsenal Legends versus Milan Legends game in September 2016) and, with the help of a laser cutter, turned it into a bunch of keyrings which they describe as ‘a celebration of Kanu’s memories at Arsenal Football Club’.

Available exclusively from Arsenal Direct, the keyring will set you back £30.

‘The shield keyring has been produced with precision die cast zinc alloy and finished with satin gold plate,’ reads the description on the Arsenal Direct website. ‘The details of the match-worn shirt and the individual production number have been laser engraved on the back of the key ring.’

If there turns out to be high demand for a fragment of sweaty, friendly match-worn football shirts encased in a keyring, perhaps we’ll see more clubs following Arsenal’s lead on this one.

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