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18th Dec 2016

Arsenal fans involved in heated, bizarre argument following loss to Man City

"Stop swearing at me. Stop swearing at me. Stop swearing at me."

Robert Redmond

Even by the standards of Arsenal Fan TV, this is bizarre.

The contributors to the popular YouTube channel regularly argue following poor results for the Gunners.

Ty and Claude, the two most well-known Arsenal fans who appear on the channel, rarely see eye-to-eye, tensions can boil over and emotions can get the better of them.

Like this time, two-years ago, when Claude said “Christmas is abandoned” following Arsenal’s 2-2 draw with Liverpool.

We can only assume Claude has cancelled festivities again following Arsenal’s defeat to Manchester City on Sunday.

Arsene Wenger’s side took the lead at the Etihad, but second-half goals from Leroy Sane and Raheem Sterling gave City the three points.

Arsenal fans are used to their team failing to live up to standards in big games away from home, but that doesn’t make it any less disappointing, as evidenced by the argument between these two Gunners’ fans.

Ty was asked for his opinion on the game, and couldn’t explain why Arsenal collapsed in the second-half. Claude didn’t like that, and things became very, very heated.

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