'Unrelenting agony' - Arsenal fans describe fan experience in two words 2 months ago

'Unrelenting agony' - Arsenal fans describe fan experience in two words

Supporting Arsenal must be tough

If you know an Arsenal fan, which you probably do, check in on them today. Their 5-0 drubbing at the hands of Manchester City on Saturday afternoon was probably the lowest point of the post-Wenger era, with the majority of fans now calling for Mikel Arteta to be sacked. Other than a promising first five minutes in which they threatened on the break, there was nothing to be positive about as City put them to the sword, their task made easier by the expulsion of Granit Xhaka.


It's got to the point that I genuinely think supporting Arsenal must be the most distressing fan experience of any Premier League side. Sure, they've never been relegated, but is there any other team whose on pitch performances are so far away from the expectations the club sets for itself?

On this note, we asked our Gooner followers on Twitter to describe the experience of supporting Arsenal in two words, and this is what they said.

One fan simple said: 'Blood pressure,' which is not a description as such, but does paint a vivid picture in your mind.


There were a lot of F bombs chucked about, with one fan opting for the simple but clear description of 'fucking painful.'

A less profane but more descriptive response was: 'Consistently disappointing.'


Another fan, who seemingly needs a shoulder to cry on today, replied: 'Unrelenting agony.'


A couple of fans struggled to encapsulate the pain in just two words, saying: 'I could only wish I had the vocabulary to do this.'


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