Antonio Conte accidentally shares IG Story featuring Arsenal chant 2 months ago

Antonio Conte accidentally shares IG Story featuring Arsenal chant

Not the best thing to do on your first day as Spurs boss...

There are a few things that are probably in the managerial checklist when joining a new club. Pose with the home shirt, tell the press how excited you are about joining, introduce yourself to the players...


Oh, and don't share a chant from their arch rivals on your official social media.

Antonio Conte was so close to making it through the first 24 hours of his reign as Spurs boss without a faux pas (which is less than can be said for Spurs themselves).

But then, as he - or more likely, his social media team - shared posts of buzzing Spurs fans and apparent Conte stans on his official Instagram account, someone made the fatal error of not fully checking what they were sharing.

One of the posts, from an account named Conte18900, seems innocent enough on the surface, simply sharing the picture of Conte posing with the Spurs shirt. Until you turn on the volume and realise that there is an Arsenal chant playing over the top, claiming that the Gunners are 'by far the greatest team, the world has ever seen.'

You know the one.

And it got shared straight to Conte's own Instagram story.


At the time of writing, it's still up there as well.

Although, it will probably take much more than this for Tottenham fans to get angry at Conte this early on. The fan base are on such a high after nabbing one of the most highly rated managers in world football that they are surely willing to forgive him for a little social media error.

Maybe just be a bit more careful next time, Antonio.


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