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01st Jul 2018

Antoine Griezmann: Uruguay will be boring and fall over like Atlético Madrid

Uruguay are definitely the Atlético Madrid of international football

Reuben Pinder

Uruguay are definitely the Atlético Madrid of international football

Perennial overachievers, outshone by their vastly more populated neighbours, well drilled, defensively solid, two world class forwards and an exemplary leader. The similarities between Uruguay and Atlético Madrid are endless.

It should therefore come as no surprise that an Atlético Griezmann has compared his club side to Uruguay, whom he will face in the World Cup quarter-final with his native France.

However, the way Griezmann spoke about Uruguay and Atlético sounded less than complimentary, although that depends on what you consider to be a compliment.

Speaking to reporters about France’s next challenge in this World Cup, Griezmann said: “Uruguay will be like Atletico, they will take their time, fall, go to the referee.”

“We will have to get used to that because the match will be boring and they will want to bring us into that,” he added.

Griezmann believes Edinson Cavani will be Uruguay’s biggest threat in the quarter final, although the PSG forward limped off the field last night, with the help of Cristiano Ronaldo.

“He’s the best forward according to my thinking.

“He makes 10,000 decisions, works for the team, and if he’s injured they will change a lot, he got both goals [against Portugal].”

Uruguay will play France on Friday 6th July.