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28th Nov 2018

Antoine Griezmann ties mascot’s laces before Champions League match

Wayne Farry


Antoine Griezmann is down with the kids

The Frenchman has a habit of doing celebrations based on emotes from the video game Fortnite, which endears him to both his and the younger generation, while angering yer da and all his weird mates.

All in all, barring regrettable Halloween costume choices from time to time, the Atletico Madrid striker seems like a fairly neat fella who would give you a glass of water or tang on a warm summer day.

He further cemented that reputation this evening prior to his side’s Champions League group match with Ligue 1 side AS Monaco at the Wanda Metropolitano on Wednesday evening.

Standing alongside his assigned mascot before the game, Griezmann seemed to notice that the youngster’s laces were untied.

Now while some players would have thought ‘fuck it, let them trip and fall on their faces, it will teach them a life lesson’, Griezmann did no such thing, and instead decided to get down on one knee and tie the kid’s laces for them.

The child was evidently delighted as he stood there with his arms crossed and a massive smirk on his face. The incident clearly acted as something of a good luck charm for the Frenchman too, as he netted Atletico’s second in the 24th minute of the game.