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22nd Nov 2015

Anthony Martial’s wife makes cardinal sin trying to show support for husband on Instagram

Marks for effort

Ben Kiely

Even if her geography was way off, Samantha Martial’s heart was certainly in the right place with her supportive Instagram post on Saturday.

Anthony Martial missed out on Manchester United’s Premier League clash with Watford on Saturday through injury, but that didn’t stop his wife from trying to show she’s a fully fledged Red Devil on social media.

However, her plan to win herself a few more fans from her husband’s club completely blew up in her face as she made a glaringly obvious error.

She posted a picture on Instagram of what was (presumably) meant to be Old Trafford. The only issue being, it was clearly a picture of The Emirates.

She quickly realised her error and deleted the post, but only after her mistake began racking up the shares on social media.

In the immortal words of Homer Simpson, “trying is the first step towards failure.”