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22nd Jul 2016

Anthony Martial shared a little too much in this Instagram holiday video

Always beware of the reflections...

Ben Kenyon

Rule 1 of social media: Always double check your post before it goes out into the world. Maybe triple check it.

We’ve all seen the up-high toilet selfies where there’s something horrific still lurking in the loo below. And how many people have been caught out with something embarrassing reflected in the mirror?

But now it looks like Manchester United striker Anthony Martial has fallen foul of another social media fail – undone by a reflection in the glass.

The France striker was away on holiday in Greece to get over the disappointment of losing out to Portugal in the final of the Euro 2016.

But while he’s been chilling next to the pool, he couldn’t help doing a little filming to show his Instagram followers how much he was enjoying his Hellenic down time before United’s season kicks off.

Judging by the cheeky reflection caught in the window, it doesn’t look like he’s holidaying on his own.

We’re not sure he meant to capture this on camera…

Did you get it? Here’s the slow pan…

Martial Pan

Got it yet?

Well… um…. yes. Martial has appeared to inadvertently show someone enjoying topping up their tan.

Martial Pan 1

At least we think he did it by accident, because there’s something about his reaction after that’s just a bit…

Martial Thumbs Up

Hmm… We’re onto you fella.

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