Andrea Pirlo calls bullshit on The Daily Mail's "interview" with him about Paul Pogba 4 years ago

Andrea Pirlo calls bullshit on The Daily Mail's "interview" with him about Paul Pogba

Everyone knows that you can't believe everything you read online, but when something's published by a newspaper we tend to accept it as fact.

So when an international newspaper publishes an interview with one of the biggest names in world football, it's pretty reasonable to assume that they actually spoke with the man in question.

But apparently something as simple as a short conversation is too much to ask, as Italian superstar Andrea Pirlo has called out The Daily Mail for publishing an "interview" with him, that the New York City midfielder says never took place.

The Mail claimed that Pirlo spoke to them in light of Paul Pogba's recent return to Manchester United, with a certain standout quote grabbing headlines.

"On the first day training session Pogba had with Juventus the players were laughing," Pirlo supposedly said of his former Juve team-mate's arrival in Turin. "We were not laughing for any other reason than we were just in total disbelief that this player with so much obvious ability was able to leave a club the size of Manchester United for free — and I think Juventus are still laughing."

Pirlo then apparently told a story of how Gianluigi Buffon asked him "Did [Manchester United] really let [Pogba] go for free?" following their first training session.

But the Italian seems pretty certain that the interview never took place at all.

Perhaps he has seen how much attention his comments are getting and has felt a need to back track on them, or maybe The Mail are just being very liberal in their use of "quotes".

Either way, someone is fibbing.

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