An ode to Kayla, Crystal Palace's beloved eagle 7 months ago

An ode to Kayla, Crystal Palace's beloved eagle

RIP Kayla

Crystal Palace's beloved mascot Kayla died on Friday June 19 from a heart attack. The eagle had been the club's mascot for ten years, flying around Selhurst Park on matchdays and taking pictures with fans.

Kayla lived an extraordinary life. After being stolen from Canada in 1994, she was rescued for illegal ownership in the UK but was unable to hunt for food. Often finding herself sat atop a university campus, Kayla would attack students for their food - that was when Eagle Heights Wildlife Foundation took her under their proverbial wing and nurtured her to good health.

Since then she has starred on the cover of a Kings of Leon album cover and become a legend in South London.

JOE spoke to former Crystal Palace cheerleader Amy Latter about her experiences in Kayla's company at Selhurst Park over the years.