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11th Jul 2017

“All Out Attack” has been replaced on Fantasy Football with an absolute doozy of a feature

Much more useful

Darragh Murphy

The opening weekend of Premier League football is not far off now and you know what that means.

You have to start thinking about your Fantasy Football side for the upcoming season.

And ahead of the beginning of nine months of Fantasy Football frustration, a new update might ease the stress levels of anyone unfortunate enough to have to deal with several one-game suspensions to different players on a single gameweek.

The next season will see Fantasy Football introduce a new chip along with the Wildcard, the Triple Captain and Bench Boost options that managers currently have to choose from.

All Out Attack has been officially replaced, which is a good thing because it never really came in much use when the going got tough.

In its place is a chip called Free Hit.

Free Hit will enable FF managers to “replace their entire squad for that Gameweek but their 15-man squad of the Gameweek before returns for the next deadline.”

The chip can only be used once per season and will allow for unlimited transfers for one Gameweek only, meaning that the squad you’d been using beforehand will return after that specific Gameweek comes to an end.

So imagine you’ve got three players suspended for an upcoming round of fixtures and two with slight knocks, this new feature will allow you to ring the changes so that your points tally is not hit hard that week.

“For example, if the Free Hit chip is played leading up to Gameweek 2, once the deadline has passed, you will see the points scored by your new squad via the points tab.”

The feature could also be an absolute gamechanger on a double Gameweek when certain players are guaranteed to rake in the points but you simply don’t have them in your squad.

We imagine it will prove quite popular.