All or Nothing doc shows heated discussion between Danny Rose and Jose Mourinho 1 year ago

All or Nothing doc shows heated discussion between Danny Rose and Jose Mourinho

"Other players have been shit in training but play every game. It's not fair."

Episodes four, five and six of Amazon's All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur docuseries have been released, and one scene caught the eye of the viewers more than any other.


Danny Rose, frustrated with a lack of playing time under his new manager, requested an early meeting with Jose Mourinho to sort the situation out. And he approached it with the no bullshit approach he has become known for in recent years.

"I just wanted to know what the problem is," Rose said.

Asked to explain his grievance further, Rose explained: "You know exactly what I mean. How I'm being treated.


"I was very excited when you came as manager, but if you don't want me to play, I'd rather you just told me now, and I'll stay at home gaffer. I'll train at home.

Mourinho responded by being "as honest as [he] could" with the 29-year-old.

"The week before Liverpool, you were fantastic in training. That made me decide that for probably the most difficult game, you play.

"I think you didn't play well."


Mourinho continued, citing Japhet Tanganga' impressive showing against Middlesbrough as one of the reasons Rose couldn't get back into the team.

Rose acknowledged a poor showing against Liverpool but still felt he was being unfairly punished for his subpar performances compared to other players.

"I play once every four weeks. Do you want me to be man of the match and give my best performance when I play one game and then don't play again for three or four weeks?" Rose asked.

"The defence has kept two clean sheets. They play every game. It's not fair," Rose asserted.


"Other players have been shit in training, shit in games, but play every game. It's not fair."

Mourinho quipped back, "it's your perspective." To which Rose said: "It's facts. The whole changing room know it's facts."

As the conversation became heated and the pair could not reach an agreement, Rose said he would go and speak to Daniel [Levy]. He ended up being loaned out to Newcastle United and has since returned to Tottenham.