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16th Jan 2017

Alex Ferguson wouldn’t be happy with Paul Pogba’s latest Instagram post

This was hardly the Ferguson way...

Robert Redmond

Can you imagine Roy Keane’s reaction to this behaviour?

Seriously, can you imagine what this man…

…would have thought of his 23-year-old teammate behaving like this?

On the night Manchester United’s bus was attacked by rowdy West Ham United fans, Jesse Lingard documented the incident.

He wouldn’t have had to worry about those outside the bus if he shared a dressing room with this man.

Alex Ferguson may have fell out with his former captain, but the pair would still maintain similar values. They are serious men, who came from tough working class areas to become leading figures in an extremely competitive industry.

Keane is one of the greatest midfielders in the history of the game. Ferguson is probably the best football manager of all-time.

They were winners, second place was unfathomable and they’d no time for bullshit.

So we can only imagine what they would think of Paul Pogba’s first Instagram post following United’s 1-1 draw with Liverpool.

Pogba was terrible in the game. Nothing went right for the most expensive footballer ever. His touch deserted him, he misplaced passes and conceded a penalty.

Every player has bad games though, and that’s not what would have troubled Ferguson, as the former United manager always protected his players.

However, he wouldn’t have liked this line from Pogba’s first post since the 1-1 draw.

Pogba wrote:

“That’s when we need be strong. I’m here, ready to fight and ready for the next one!!! I’d like to thank the supporters who are always there and keep believing in me. At least we did not lose. Never stop fighting.”

At least we did not lose? That type of attitude, accepting second best, was the antithesis of what Keane and Ferguson stood for and wouldn’t have been accepted by either.

Ferguson has deployed his infamous hairdryer for a lot less.

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