Alberto Moreno screams ‘you’ll never walk alone’ after Villarreal victory over Man United 8 months ago

Alberto Moreno screams ‘you’ll never walk alone’ after Villarreal victory over Man United

The former Liverpool left-back rubbed salt in fresh United wounds

Following Manchester United's disappointing performance in last night's Europa League final, losing 11-10 on penalties against in Villareal in - a game they should have won in 90 minutes, to be quite honest - one particular opponent's celebrations will no doubt have riled up Reds.


Alberto Moreno left Liverpool in 2019 after what can only be described as a fairly underwhelming spell, however, he did pick up a European medal. Now, just 3 years later, he has another and at the expense of his former club's historic rivals no less. That fact wasn't lost on him, as he decided to go live on social media with his jubilant reaction.

Obviously seeing how well it went down in the comments, not to mention just wanting the party to go on, he didn't stop there; the Spaniard continued his livestream into the dressing room.

In fairness, there is something funny about this next clip: perhaps the long pause at the start helps but mainly it's because he sounds a bit like a sassy Scouse mum asking her son's mates to do one after they've just trashed the front room. Trust me, the more you watch it, the more you hear it:


Nothing will hurt more than the defeat itself, both for the players and fans - everyone expected them to lift their first trophy under Solskjær - but snidey swipes like this certainly won't help their frustrations today (take it from me).

Alberto Moreno has always had a sense of humour - just ask his slightly awkward impression of Kammy: