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13th Apr 2016

Alberto Moreno has raised the bar for footballers’ tattoos

Monkey business

Tom Victor

There’s something about footballers’ tattoos which lifts them above regular people’s tattoos, and even above other celebrities’ ink.

We can’t explain what makes Hector Bellerin’s ‘Call of Duty’-inspired tattoo so great, or why Neymar’s favela tattoo edges out Nelson Mandala or this penis-turned-Biggie effort. It’s just the way the world works.

The latest footballer to go big when it comes to body art is Liverpool left-back Alberto Moreno.

It seems the Spaniard had work to do after all his continental cool was in danger of being wiped out by (a) being nicknamed ‘Albie’ and (b) looking like a cross between Steven Gerrard and Neil Mellor.

But he’s done it, and in some style.

A monkey. In a monkey suit. Wearing massive f**k-off monkey headphones. About to blow the smoke off his freshly-fired monkey gun. With what looks like a film version of a California landscape reflecting from his monkey sunglasses.

Your move, Leighton Baines.