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01st May 2017

Alan Pardew’s appearance on Monday Night Football didn’t go down well

Most took issue with his comments about Chelsea's Marcos Alonso

Robert Redmond

Alan Pardew’s Monday Night Football appearance seemed to split viewers.

They either didn’t like the former Crystal Palace and Newcastle United manager’s contribution, or really didn’t like it.

Which seems a bit harsh on Pardew, who was hardly going to divulge the secrets of the universe on a football broadcast.

The 55-year-old has been out of work since Palace sacked him three days before Christmas, but there’s no doubt he wants to get back into management soon and preferably in the Premier League.

As such, he was never going to rock the boat on the Sky Sports show, ahead of Liverpool’s trip to Watford.

He spoke about Sunderland getting relegated and David Moyes, without really saying anything.

And about Chelsea following their impressive win over Everton on Sunday.

However, Pardew’s first appearance on the show wasn’t entirely well received.

One person felt he should be in the Crucible in Sheffield.

Some weren’t willing to give him a chance.

Most took issue with his comments about Chelsea’s Marcos Alonso.

He said the 26-year-old, who has played 220 games in the past nine years, is “an inexperienced player,” and that “no-one would have imagined he’d play this role [left wing-back] as well as he has.”

In fairness to Pardew, he probably meant Alonso was inexperienced in the Premier League, and as all proper football men know, that’s the only thing that matters.

This guy is not a fan of Pardew. Or Troy Deeney, apparently.

Even his attire was open to scrutiny.

He could do nothing right for some.


Yep. Nothing.

However, he did have some supporters. Well, one. This guy.


Alan Pardew