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08th May 2019

WATCH: Ajax fans let off fireworks outside Tottenham’s hotel ahead of Champions League semi-final

In a game of fine margins, Ajax fans took it upon themselves to set off fireworks outside Tottenham's hotel ahead of their crunch Champions League tie

Reuben Pinder

It’s a game of fine margins

Ajax are on the brink of reaching their first Champions League final since 1996. Having beaten Tottenham Hotspur 1-0 in London, they go into the the second leg with that all important away goal.

The Dutch side have taken two big scalps already this season, knocking out Real Madrid and Juventus, winning the away leg in both ties, but will still have their doubters. With Heung-min Son back for Tottenham, surely the Premier League side will be able to turn this tie around?

Maybe, or maybe this once in a generation Ajax side will once again have too much energy for them. Either way, it’s set to be an enthralling match, decided by the finest of margins.

The Ajax fans are well aware of this. And, desperate to get to the final, they’ve taken it upon themselves to seek out any advantage they can for their heroes. Through what means can they affect the Spurs team other than generating an intimidating atmosphere in the stadium? Disrupt their sleep, of course.

Video footage on social media shows fireworks going off, supposedly outside Tottenham’s team hotel in the early hours of Wednesday morning. The red and white sparks would suggest these were indeed set off by a bunch of mischievous Ajax fans.

As I said, this is a game of fine margins and if this disrupts Tottenham’s preparations in a way that doesn’t physically harm anyone, who are we to object?