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29th Aug 2016

Celtic and Rangers joining English leagues idea being dredged up again – fans not impressed

Not this again...

Ben Kiely

This again?

Every time bringing Celtic and Rangers into the English League system has been discussed, nothing has happened, but maybe this time will be different.

The English Football League (EFL) clubs are being asked for their opinions on how to expand the system as teams part of the ‘Whole Game Solution’.

The two Scottish teams have been perpetually considered as possibilities for entering the EFL and that idea is being brought up again.

English League chief executive Shaun Harvey told the Telegraph that the Old Firm rivals could join a new fifth division of 20 teams set to begin in the 2019/20 season, although he admitted any decision will ultimately come down to the EFL’s 72 members.

“We have recently gone out to our clubs to elicit their further views in relation to any different number of areas from the proposition that was first put forward. Once we have their views we can move forward,”

“One of the simple questions is, if this is to proceed, is where should the [new] teams come from? So the only ones who will decide that are the clubs themselves, so we will see what they say. I don’t want to pre-empt anything.”

The goal of this idea is to boost attendances and ultimately increase revenue streams in the lower leagues and bringing in teams with strong fan bases like Celtic and Rangers could have this effect.

Some fans are in favour of the idea, and even think that other Scottish teams should be considered for the league.

Some people are fed up hearing about it.

And others are really fed up.

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