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05th Oct 2016

A lot of people are reading Memphis Depay’s latest comments the wrong way

He expects more from himself.

Patrick McCarry

You can interpret Memphis’ interview with Metro Nieuws a couple of ways.

A). He is determined to make his name at Manchester United or B). he is a spoilt brat demanding a starting role without doing much to earn it.

To us, his comments fall into that former bracket. To many, many others, Memphis is sulking again.

Memphis told the Dutch newspaper he is training well but noted that United boss José Mourinho has upped the entire squad’s performance levels since arriving in the summer. He commented:

“I am the same person and I know what I want. A supporting role is not for me.

“I’m not a player who is happy with the fact that he is under contract with Manchester United. This is my dream club, but I want to play.”

The winger does not feel comfortable collecting a wage, wearing the United tracksuit and not having a bigger contribution to the team’s season. Mourinho spoke, last week, of his disappointment at not being able to give Memphis time off the bench in the Europa League win over Zorya.

Memphis may not be first choice but Mourinho has recognised the commitment to the cause he has shown.

‘A supporting role is not for me’. That is the sentiment many media outlets have hung derisive headlines off. In return, the online reaction to the honest comments has not been pretty.

The international break may be his best opportunity to make his point to Mourinho that he has a future at United.

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