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12th Nov 2021

Harry Maguire’s celebration has left lots of people confused

Callum Boyle

Maguire scored the opener for England after difficult spell with Man United.

It’s been a rough old time of late for Harry Maguire, so understandably, his goal for England against Albania on Friday night was a huge weight off his shoulders.

Maguire rose highest to head home from a Phil Foden free-kick nine minutes into England’s World Cup qualifer. As he wheeled away in celebration, the centre-back wanted to let his haters know exactly what he thought of what Maguire describes as ‘the noise.’

The 28-year-old has been subject to endless criticism for his poor performances at club level but after scoring he headed towards the corner flag cupping his ears before executing a perfect knee-slide whilst sticking his fingers in his ears as a signal that he was blocking out the haters.

However his actions left some people confused as during his celebrations, there was a brief moment where Maguire himself wasn’t sure whether to cup his ears or stick his fingers in his ear, and plenty of people caught on.

Max Rushden tweeted: “Good header Maguire. Should have decided earlier if he wanted to do hands cupping ears or fingers in ears – it’s very hard to do both at the same time.”

Adam Hurrey meanwhile said: “Ear-cupping and *then* fingers in ears? Do you want to hear the critics or not, mate.”

Miguel Delaney was also confused, wondering who exactly Maguire was trying to silence.

He said: “Maguire scores and celebrates by putting his hands to his ears.

“Still a bit perplexed at this. Who was he having a go at? Roy Keane? Did he not say himself performances haven’t been up to standard? He after all felt the need to apologise on social media.”

Maguire’s goal opened the floodgates as England find themselves cruising and 5-0 up at the time of writing, with Harry Kane scoring a sensational hat-trick.