Woman opens iPhone with nothing but her own spit 2 months ago

Woman opens iPhone with nothing but her own spit


With great power comes great responsibility

In a shocking display of both skill and creativity, a woman opened her iPhone with nothing but her own spit. But don't worry, her phone isn't soaking, as she manages to suck it back up into her mouth each time.


TikTok user @milamonetofficial was seemingly in a bar, with countless people around, when she flaunted the impressive party trick. Bending right over her phone, Mila manages to type her six-digit passcode in by dropping her spit in and out of her mouth.

Each time a number is entered, Mila's spit zooms back up and reloads, ready for the next number. As her phone unlocks, Mila looks up at her audience, all of which are smiling in disbelief.

@milamonetofficial♬ original sound - mila &lt3

"*smashes golden buzzer*," one person commented.

Explaining how she pulls the trick off, she replied: "my spits always super stringy."

While this might not be the glowing scientific method you might have hoped for, some people are just built differently.


The post has since received 2.7m views, and Mila herself has gained an enormous amount of followers.

spit Mad skills/Via TikTok

"The kinda girls you take home to mom, another user wrote," to which Mila agreed.


"You do know there is more bacteria on your phone than there is on a public toilet..." another person pointed out. Sadly, it's true, and a team at the University of Arizona confirmed that smartphones carry ten times more bacteria than most toilet seats.

Mila disagreed and wrote: "We love all the germs."

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