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04th Jun 2021

Sophie Turner posts ‘time ain’t straight and neither am I’ on Instagram and fans lose it

Kieran Galpin

‘Time ain’t straight and neither am I’

Sophie Turner, or Sansa Stark for any Game of Thrones fans, has maybe come out to join the Alphabet Mafia during Pride month.

Turner started her career at age fourteen when she starred in Game of Thrones. Prompted by her drama teacher, Turner auditioned and then starred in the show for its entire duration. She has since starred in other films and TV shows, most notably Jean Grey in the reenvisioned X-Men franchise. 

In an Instagram story, Turner wrote, “It’s MUTHAF***IN #pride month babaaaayyyy.”

Though the text alone would not suggest that the X-Men star is queer, the surrounding stickers would imply the opposite. 

“Time isn’t straight, and neither am I,” reads one. The other stickers include gay pride, Bi pride, and move I’m gay. 

Being bisexual would make sense for Turner since her very public love for her husband Joe Jonas has had fans obsessed since day one. Last July, the couple also welcomed a baby to the family, who they called Willa.

Though certainty will only come if/when Turner decides to confirm the speculation, that has not stopped fans from losing their minds on social media. 

Congratulations to Sophie Turner for maybe joining the family. But if the post was merely a show of support, we all still love her. All hail the Queen in the North.