Owning an Android is officially the UK's biggest turn off for 2021 4 months ago

Owning an Android is officially the UK's biggest turn off for 2021

What gives you the 'ick'?

A recent study has revealed that owning an Android is officially the UK's biggest 'ick' of 2021 - and honestly, nothing has ever made so much sense.


But what is an 'ick'? The term sprung to life from social media, most notably Instagram and TikTok, but was allegedly coined by 90's show Ally McBeal. Usually used by women, the term essentially refers to some minute detail that is an instant turn off.

The study comes from the dating app POM, which matches singletons together based on their music libraries.


Apple versus Android has been a long-fought battle, with many soldiers jumping ship from either side to join their former technological adversaries. However according to the survey, which spoke to 3,000 Brits of different backgrounds, owning an Android is the ultimate 'ick'.


Other top 'icks' include not having social media, smoking, using pet names, wearing muscle fit shirts and people talking about themselves in the third person.

Surprisingly, 74 per cent of men agreed that "dirty or unpainted nails" were at the top of their list, while 78 per cent of women think refusing to learn to drive is the ultimate turn off.

The age of single pringles clearly has an effect on your likes and dislikes, as 56 per cent of singletons over the age of 30 believe having a TikTok account is awful. Contrastingly, 24 per cent of those surveyed under 21 think not having social media is an inexcusable offence.


While owning an Android phone was consistent across all demographics, there were others that repeatedly sprung up during the study. Commenting on celebrities social media posts came in at number three and number four is the age-old 'ick' of speaking in slang.

Covid even made an appearance - and while anti-vaxxers are unfortunately not on the list - wearing your mask beneath your nose comes in at the tenth spot.

The top ten includes:

  1. Owning an Android phone
  2. Refusing to learn to drive
  3. Commenting on famous people’s social media posts
  4. Speaking in slang
  5. When they are the only one to laugh at their own jokes
  6. Wearing gym clothes to a date
  7. Dirty or unpainted nails
  8. Getting food stuck in their teeth
  9. Singing the wrong lyrics to songs
  10.  Wearing a facemask under their nose

While we all have those little 'icks' we would probably keep them to ourselves - it's important to remember that Android users have feelings too, despite regularly reminding iPhone users that their processing power is s**t.

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