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22nd May 2020

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 192

Forget all those Zoom quizzes you've been forced to endure with your extended family. This is the real quiz. You're safe here

Reuben Pinder

I imagine you’re probably quizzed up to your eyeballs

It’s very difficult during a time when we’re all meant to be staying at home all the time to come up with an excuse to get out of a Zoom quiz. “Lads, we would never hang out this regularly in real life, I’d prefer to sit alone and play Football Manager” doesn’t really paint you as the nice guy. But it’s what you’re thinking, and that’s fine. Really, I understand. This is the only weekly quiz you really want to do. 25 questions. 5 rounds. It takes what, 3 minutes? No time spent telling your mate he’s muted himself again, no accidentally slagging off the one guy in your group you don’t like to your partner while forgetting to mute yourself.

No, this is a safe space for all you quizzers. Now crack open a can of whatever is in your fridge, and enjoy this week’s quiz.

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