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04th Aug 2023

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 358

Charlie Herbert

JOE friday pub quiz week 358

Swap the bails on the quizzing stumps for good luck

For one last time this summer, I’m going to wang on about cricket to you in this intro. In particular, I’m going to wang on about one particular cricketer: Stuart Broad.

One of England’s greats, and one of the greatest fast bowlers the game has ever seen, he brought the curtain down on a stellar career by taking the winning wickets against Australia in the fifth and final Ashes test.

And all of us silly English cricket fans were left feeling very sad that we’ll never see him running in again.

Broad wasn’t just an amazingly skilled cricketer, he was an incredible showman as well. He understood the theatre and spectacle of sport, and crucially, he played up to it and used it to his advantage.

He was a windup merchant, who would loved the mind games of sport, loved to wind up the opposition, and probably loved to be hated by Australians. He embodied sh*thousery and all it represented.

He understood the fans are part of the game and encouraged them to be louder. He used them to push himself on.

You could always tell what he was thinking, and he often told us what he was thinking.

So long Stuart. It’s been a blast.

Anyway, onto this week’s quiz. Because they managed to retain the Ashes (thanks to rain) and are currently the focus of the footballing world as hosts of the Women’s World Cup, there’s a round on Australia this week, followed by one on video games.

And of course, there’s a question on Stuart Broad.

So, swap the bails on the stumps for good luck, and step up to the quizzing crease for another week.

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