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07th Jul 2023

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: week 354

Charlie Herbert

JOE Friday pub quiz week 354

Who do you think is the most famous person who plays this pub quiz?

A question I’ve often asked myself. Thousands of you love this silly quiz, it’s the people’s quiz.

But there must be a couple of minor celebs who venture onto this page every now and again.

Do you think an MP has ever tried their hand at some general knowledge during their lunch? Maybe a League Two footballer is fond of the picture round?

Perhaps a member of the England cricket team is reading these very words right now from Headingley?

If you’re reading this and thinking “I might be the most famous person playing the JOE Friday Pub Quiz today,” please get in touch. I’d love to give you a shoutout.

But you wouldn’t get special treatment. Whether you’ve got five followers or five million, you’re still going to have to deal with a round on Greek gods this week, followed by one on Monopoly properties.

This is a quiz that never discriminates – everyone is treated equally here.

Fame and followers? They count for nothing in the JOE Friday Pub Quiz.

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