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12th May 2023

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 346

Charlie Herbert

JOE friday pub quiz week 346


One of the greatest nights of the year is almost upon us – it’s Eurovision time.

I never want to alienate groups of the pub quiz community but I’ll warn you, if you’re not clued up on your Eurovision knowledge a good score is probably going to be beyond you this week.

You’ll be getting no sympathy from me either. It’s your loss if you choose to ignore this cultural pillar.

From Graham Norton’s brilliantly catty observations, to the performances that make you think you’re hallucinating, it’s a wonderful night of entertainment that can often be as surprisingly powerful as it is hilariously crap. A night to be enjoyed both ironically and earnestly.

A night so wacky that you can’t help but forget about the stresses and worries of the world. Therefore I’d recommend tuning in more than ever, not matter how much of a fan you are.

Aside from Eurovision, it’s quite a musical quiz this week, with a round all about knowing the pop song playing in famous film scenes, inspired in part by the new Guardians of the Galaxy film.

Hopefully you can all pick up more than ‘douze points’ and crown yourself the (Star)lord of the quiz this week.

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