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28th Apr 2023

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 344

Charlie Herbert

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz week 344

Another quiz to slap you round the face like a wet fish of general knowledge

Can you smell that? It’s the smell of summer. It’s not quite here yet, but it’s on the horizon, teasing us with its barbecues and festivals.

April is almost over, we’re a third of the way through the year, and it’s a bank holiday weekend with the very real possibility of some warm weather.

And I’m going to call it: it’s time for the heating to be turned off.

But I don’t think we’re quite at shorts weather yet, a debate that has raged between myself and others for a number of weeks now. It’s got to be touching at least 18C AND be sunny for me to consider shorts out and about.

If you’re rocking shorts in 11C and cloudy weather, it’s quite simply performative toughness. I said what I said.

Something that most certainly isn’t performative toughness is getting a stonking score on the quiz though – this is always hard earned and worth shouting about.

If you know your apps and your snooker (who doesn’t, right?) then you should do well this week. If you aren’t well versed in either of these subjects, then maybe just cross your fingers and pray for a bit of luck.

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