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15th Nov 2019


Your weekly dose of nonsense to ease you into the weekend. General knowledge, sport, film descriptions, dogs and a 'who said it' round.

Reuben Pinder

Like last week, I’m writing the pub quiz intro on a train home from Liverpool again This time, thankfully, without the hangover from hell.

As I glance out the window of this Virgin Train, somewhere between Lime Street and Stafford, I notice that I don’t think I’ve ever seen the sun north of… Luton? Not the newspaper, the big hot thing in the sky. Where does it go? How do people cope? And what is its net worth?

Say what you want about the price of a pint in London, the soaring rent prices, gentrification and severe inequality between the south-east and the rest of the country, at least the sun comes out now and then.

This week’s quiz is comprised of the usual general knowledge and sports rounds, a picture round on dogs, one for fans of The Thick of It and one which asks you to match the IMDB description of a film to its title.

Enjoy the quiz, but also enjoy a weekend without the relentless, all-encompassing, full throttle behemoth that is the Premier League. It’s the international break. Watch some WSL action, maybe go and see your local non-league club. Maybe watch no football at all. Maybe, just maybe, take your kids for a fun day out. They’ve been asking for weeks.