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29th Nov 2019


Another week, another quiz, another managerial sacking. Farewell, Unai. Your flat defensive midfield trio just wasn't suited to the PL, no hard feelings m8

Reuben Pinder

Another week, another quiz, another managerial sacking in the Barclays

What a week. What a bloody week. Unai Emery became the second manager to get the sack this season, about six months too late, as Arsenal finally realised that playing a flat midfield of three defensive midfielders and ostracising the most creative player in the squad is not the best way to restore the club to its rightful position as a title contender.

In other news, prime minister Boris Johnson has done everything in his power to avoid being put under scrutiny during this general election campaign, even sending his father to Channel 4 News’ climate debate. His literal dad. And yet, the polls suggest the Conservatives are set to win a majority on December 12th, because facts don’t matter anymore.

Anyway, for some light relief from the depressing state of the world, the JOE Friday Pub Quiz is here. It’s always here. The quiz will never die. Enjoy, and good luck.