QUIZ: Guess the football TV show from the still image 1 month ago

QUIZ: Guess the football TV show from the still image

Football based TV shows are always hit and miss

Making TV shows about football seems like an easy win. Lots of people love football, so will presumably watch a TV show about it. But they very rarely come off, usually due to a failure to replicate the authenticity of a true football club scenario. For that reason, fly on the wall documentaries often make for the best viewing, even if they are PR exercises.

But still, if there isn't enjoyment to be had from watching Richard Keys play himself in cringeworthy cameo, or watching aspiring teenagers trying to control a football falling from a 10 storey building, then why do we watch TV?

We've put together a quiz, testing your knowledge of some of the best and worst football based TV shows and documentaries from over the years.

All you have to do is tell us where we've taken the still image from. Good luck.

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