QUIZ: Guess the collective noun for the animal 1 year ago

QUIZ: Guess the collective noun for the animal

For example: A flamboyance of flamingos

Here’s a fun game for you.

Come up with the collective noun for yourself. If you were, I don’t know, cloned in a laboratory and then suddenly there was just loads of you, what would the term be? If there was suddenly millions of Jennys. Hundreds of Clives. A few Santiagos. A couple of Margarets.

What would your collective noun be?

Rich Cooper, of JOE Pub Quiz fame, sits opposite me and offered the fantastic “a shipment of Richs”.

All things considered, I feel I would either be “a wallop of Kyles” because it sounds funny or “a picaroon of Kyles” because it is kinda like my last name.

Here’s another fun game. This fucking quiz. Vamos.

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