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20th Jul 2018

QUIZ: Can you name the condiment after the label has been pixelated?

James Dawson

More than 10 is a good score.

In years gone by the British dinner table was bland affair. Salt, vinegar, ketchup, HP – tasty, but lacking the kick that reduces men to tears. Fast forward from monochrome to 4k HD colour and all of that has changed.

Down our supermarkets aisles you can now find anything you desire – mild sauces, salty sauces, pepper-y sauces, sauces that scorch the top of your mouth, sauces that transverse your airwaves like hot magma and vapourise your brain. The public’s condiment appetite knows no bounds.

The hysteria peaked last year when Rick and Morty fans ascended from their basements and took to the streets to demand McDonald’s bring Szechuan sauce back to its menu. Their contorted, screeching faces united in a single, symbolic battle-cry: “WE WANT SAUCE! WE WANT SAUCE! WE WANT SAUCE!”

Of course, we all want sauce now, don’t we? So I expect nothing less than full marks in this condiment quiz…

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