QUIZ: How well can you remember the movies of 2020? 1 year ago

QUIZ: How well can you remember the movies of 2020?

2020 has obviously been a weird year for everything, but it was especially strange for movies

With cinemas around the world shutting their doors due to coronavirus restrictions, major studios began pulling their movies, deciding to either hold them until next year, or release them straight to video on demand.


This year we should have gotten Black WidowDune, a new James Bond film, Fast and the Furious Part 9, and loads more.

Instead, the only real blockbusters that have graced the big screen since March (in the West, at least) have been Tenet and Wonder Woman.

It has been a bleak ten or so months for the film industry - but it doesn't mean some brilliant movies haven't been released, either straight to streaming services or in limited theatrical runs.


So here is a quiz about 2020 at the movies (well, on Disney+ and Netflix, more accurately).

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