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23rd Dec 2022

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 326

Charlie Herbert

Joe Friday Pub Quiz Week 326

Christmas time, quizzing fun and wine

The presents have been purchased, the big food shop has been done (unless you’re some psycho adrenaline junkie who wants to brave Christmas Eve shopping) and a Christmas film is on the tele. It’s Christmas Eve Eve.

Now we wait, for the yuletide explosion to come.

And if you’re feeling a bit stressed about the admin of the upcoming days, or you’re worried about how you’ll react when a relative’s questionable opinions are first mentioned around the dinner table (my advice: a blanket ban on the words ‘Harry’ or ‘Meghan’ this Christmas), then allow the JOE Friday Pub Quiz to distract you for five blissful minutes.

There’s a Christmas theme throughout this one, but even you Scrooges should be able to rack up a decent score I reckon.

And if you’re stuck for something to do with the family at any point over the festive period, then how about grabbing some pen and paper, and delving into the pub quiz back catalogue to put together your own quiz. Get the competitive juices in your family flowing, and be the quiz master for the day.

I wish you all the merriest of Christmases (or whatever the plural of Christmas is. Christmi?), and here’s hoping that your first present of the season is a 20+ score in this quiz.

Merry Quizmas to all and to all a good quiz!

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Now, realistically, you’re not doing any work today, so there’s a bumper selection of quizzes for your enjoyment below. And you can find even more right here, allowing you to while away the hours.

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