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20th Dec 2019


Reuben Pinder

What is the meaning of Christmas?

It is a question that we ponder every year, a question to which there is no correct answer. During childhood, the excitement for Christmas centres around presents. Understandably, with little understanding of anything more complex than ‘having fun’ and ‘being naughty’, Christmas was the most exciting time of the year. The shiny paper! The new toys! So much chocolate! Two weeks off school! Santa!!!

Then as you grow older, your priorities change. You get fewer, but more significant presents. You start to put more consideration into what you get everyone else. Then you reach a certain point where gifts are bottom of the priority list. It’s more about spending some quality time with your loved ones, drinking Bucks Fizz at 9am, and going to the football with dad on Boxing Day.

Some people are not afforded these luxuries. Some people have no family to go home to, or even a warm house to wrap up in. This time of year is worst for suicides and rough sleepers are more vulnerable than ever.

If you can spare the cash, help someone rebuild their life reserve a place for a rough sleeper at one of Crisis’ Christmas centres.

If you can’t, just enjoy the quiz (sorry about the new layout.)

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