QUIZ: Can you guess the celebrity autograph? 3 years ago

QUIZ: Can you guess the celebrity autograph?

Celebrities, they're just like you and I!

The year is 2018 and for some reason, people are still very much sitting down to surf through eBay in a bid to obtain, at any cost, a celebrity autograph.


In a way, it's a very wholesome endeavour, wanting your favourite celebrity's name written down by them, tricky to decipher for the untrained eye, but still very much their unique stamp.

If you like collecting celebrity autographs, may I suggest, you would absolutely adore drinking and narcotics. It's a similar sensation, except more socially acceptable than marvelling at a piece of squiggly indistinguishable writing.

Anyway, how good are you at identifying celebrities' autographs? Let's find out.

Good luck!




All images via eBay