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06th Jul 2022

Will Quince also quits Boris Johnson’s government days after defending PM

Kieran Galpin


Are there more to come?

Boris Johnson has been met with a fresh string of resignations this morning, one of which defended the Prime Minister on the radio just 48 hours ago.

Children’s Minister Will Quince has handed in his resignation in a letter to the PM, saying he feels a “great sadness.”

“With great sadness and regret, I have this morning tendered my resignation to the Prime Minister after I accepted and repeated assurances on Monday to the media which have now been found to be inaccurate,” he wrote on Twitter alongside a length official resignation.

“I wish my successor well – it is the best job in government.”

Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Health Secretary Sajid Javid were among the high ranking Tory officials to step down from their roles yesterday. Bim Afolami, the MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, was also close behind. Though he did choose to do it on live TV.

He told TalkTV: “(After) recent allegations about the former deputy chief whip and other things that have happened over recent weeks, I just don’t think the Prime Minister any longer has, not just my support, but he doesn’t have, I don’t think, the support of the party, or indeed the country any more.

“I think for that reason he should step down.”

Confirming he would be resigning, he continued: “I think you have to resign because I can’t serve under the Prime Minister – but I say that with regret because I think this Government has done some great things.

“I think the Prime Minister has a strong legacy in a huge range of areas, but I just think that when you’ve lost trust of people, and the Prime Minister asked at the confidence vote to be given time to instil that trust, I took that as many others did in the party.

“But I think it’s become clear, particularly after losing the support of two of his closest cabinet colleagues, that I think the time has come for him to stand down.”

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