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15th Jun 2017

Theresa May’s piss-poor attempt at a Mexican Wave might be the most relatable thing she’s ever done

It's pretty hard to mess up a Mexican Wave

Ciara Knight

It’s also probably the second naughtiest thing she’s ever done.

World renowned bad arse, Theresa May continued her reign as a menace to society by purposely obstructing the success of a Mexican wave on Tuesday night.

As you can clearly see in the video above, May was roughly seven years behind everyone else with her flailing arms in support of the festivities at the England v France game, proving that she is unsuitable for the role as Prime Minister and should strongly and stably consider resigning immediately.

Because the only way I can truly express myself is through memes, I’ve put together a selection of relatable situations that apply perfectly to Theresa May’s enormous cock-up last night.

When your teacher rolls in the TV trolley and you know that the next 90 minutes are going to be lit

When you strategically select the item directly above an almost-fallen item in a vending machine and it pays off , bagging you the hottest 2 for-1 deal of the century

When your transaction goes through even though your bank balance is in minus figures and you’re so thrilled you let out a yelp with gay abandon

When you successfully throw two fidget spinners into the air and catch them simultaneously while someone else was watching

When your tweet about how The Young Pope’s second series should be called ‘2 Young 2 Pope’ goes insanely viral (8 RTs)

When Jamal answers the final question correctly on Slumdog Millionaire, thereby winning TWENTY MILLION RUPEES

Warner Bros.

When your mum shouts up the stairs that everyone’s getting chips for dinner because she’s too tired to cook

When Darius got voted out of Pop Idol, leaving Will Young and Gareth Gates to battle it out for the hearts of the nation


When you run through a field of wheat and somehow manage to escape the farmer’s attention, thereby preventing them from being ‘not too pleased about that’

When you successfully screw the country with your consistently poor political decisions 

Daily Express